Let’s face it, the past couple of years have kept us at home and if you’re like me, I really am looking forward to making some improvements in my own outdoor space. We’ve all watched endless hours of home improvement and yard makeover shows then look outside and realize our yards are the ‘before’. There’s no better time than now to beautify that space and make it the yard of your dreams. And everyone has a different idea of what the perfect yard is. Is it a kid friendly yard where you can roast marshmallows over your new fire pit, or does it mean sipping wine in a your own private refined retreat that you’ve always envisioned? Whatever your vision is, we can help you create it by helping you clearly identify what you want for landscaping components.

Do you want to know how to get this process started?  Keep reading.


While Speedside McLean will take your ideas to reality, we always encourage our clients to start the design process with their own rough sketch.

Knowing what you want and incorporating that into a practical design might take you a little time to do but it is time well spent. It will help you see what landscape components may or may not work with your yard space.

This is your time to dream up what you want to see in reality.


We start the landscape design process by meeting with you at your home and we discuss your landscaping options with you.

We usually spend about 2 hours getting all of your thoughts on what type of landscape you are looking for. During that time we will cover implementation of patios, walkways, decks, plantings and more.

Once we have your complete vision  we meet with you again to discuss any changes before completing the final design.