Landscape construction transforms your property from being ordinary into a place that you want to spend your down time.


There are many reasons that people choose to enhance their property.  Sometimes it is for curb appeal and resale value and other times is it to make better use of their outdoor space.  Whatever the reasons, Speedside McLean can provide you with the design and construction team that can implement inviting interlocking stone driveways, patios and walkways.

And if tranquility is what you’re going for then outdoor accent lighting and a custom water feature with you in mind is the way to go.


Our team of construction specialists is comprised of reliable professionals in their field. Together they can breathe new life into any property.


Custom Interlock Driveways

Asphalt paved driveways have a low initial price tag, which makes them an attractive option to some homeowners. Unfortunately, these products can often lead to pricey repairs in the long run and just don’t come close in terms of curb appeal!

You could spend the next few years filling cracks and considering a replacement. But why not save yourself the money and purchase a more durable product in the first place?

At Speedside McLean, we install interlock driveways as a reliable alternative to paving. In addition to their durability, these fixtures are aesthetically pleasing. Once your interlock driveway is installed, your property’s overall impression is improved!

We’ve installed countless interlock driveways. As a result, you can count on us to do the job right.

We know that you’ll love the finished product. With a range of color and design options, an interlock driveway is exactly what you need to differentiate your home from the rest.

Better yet, your driveway won’t fade, crack, or shift overtime. The driveway we install will be a driveway you can rely on for the next several years.

We know that replacing your driveway is a big undertaking. To help you weigh your options, we are happy to provide free estimates to all potential customers. Simply fill out the request form on our contact page.

If you have questions or would like more information about interlock driveways, we are happy to help. You can reach our Guelph office by calling 519-763-1812.

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Custom Patio Design and Construction

Custom designed stone patio

A patio can be a great place to relax and enjoy the fresh air throughout the year, while also adding beauty and value to your home. From raised to ground-level patios, we offer our customized service to fit your particular needs. Having a company that you can trust is essential, and at Speedside McLean we offer the skills that comes from our team’s years of experience creating custom designed patios for our customers.

Our custom patios include:

  • Raised patios
  • Ground-level patios
  • Wooden decks
  • Natural Stone
  • Interlock

Enjoy both the form and function that a custom patio from Speedside McLean can provide. Our staff team is committed to providing you with a product that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations. Contact our Guelph office now at 519-763-1812 and speak with one of our friendly representatives about how our custom patios may be the perfect fit for your home!

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Custom Stone Walkways

Add a natural feel in your yard

Custom designed stone walkway

Natural stone is the perfect material to create beautiful hard surfaces on your landscape. At Speedside McLean, we have extensive experience in creating custom stone walkways, and can help you install one that perfectly fits in with the outdoor area of your home. You get the latest stone colours, patterns and selections; unmatched for choice and function, there is no rutting or weeds either, with proper installation and polymeric sand. Your guests are sure to love having access to different areas of the yard through this unique and inviting element that can add a natural aesthetic to nearly any space!

All of our stone walkway designs are:

  • Natural
  • Beautiful
  • Durable
  • Low-maintenance

With years of experience providing custom stone walkways you can trust us to offer you with the best-quality design and installation possible. Transform the look of your yard or garden today. Call us now at 519-763-1812 and let us start finding the perfect stone element to complement the look of your home.

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Custom Waterfall or Pond Landscaping

If you’re ready to revitalize your outdoor space, we recommend a custom waterfall landscape. Our water features provide a unique, low-maintenance solution for property owners who want an upgrade for their backyard. Plus, is there anything more soothing than the sound of water running over stones?

Turn to Speedside McLean for professional design and installation of water features. With your help, we’ll create a product that increases tranquility and conceals intrusive, unwanted noises.

At Speedside McLean, we know that custom water features have the power to transform an outdated space into something luxurious and beautiful. Our hardworking team is the perfect choice for your design and installation needs. To each of our clients, we promise prompt responses, quality workmanship, and affordable pricing.

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To get started on your custom waterfall landscape, give us a call at 519-763-1812. Our design team will work with you, hand in hand, to create the space you’ve envisioned.

When you call our office you may also request a free price estimate on your needed services. Or, visit our contact page and submit your information through the request form. Either way, we’ll get back to you with your estimate and work quickly to establish a project plan.

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Improve the Lighting Around Your Property

Who says you can only enjoy the outdoors during daylight hours? At Speedside McLean, we know the value of an evening dip in the pool, a late night stroll through the garden or just enjoying the evening on your deck. Of course, these experiences are only possible with outdoor lighting illuminating the area.

If your exterior lighting system is lacking, trust our team to handle the project. We’ll work quickly to improve the safety and appearance of your landscape.

Outdoor lighting makes your property safer by illuminating pathways, which can help deter crime. These fixtures can boost the curb appeal and value of your home or business. They also give you an easy way to enjoy the outdoors later at night and earlier in the morning.

The advantages of outdoor lighting are nearly endless.

Trust Our Experienced Team to Handle the Job

At Speedside McLean each member of our staff is experienced and well trained. Most importantly, we are dedicated to achieving 100% customer satisfaction. In other words, Speedside McLean is a great choice for your outdoor lighting in Guelph, ON. Our team is ready and available to illuminate these areas of your property:

  • Patio
  • Pools
  • Pathways
  • Gardens

Allow us to transform your space into a bright, beautiful area you can enjoy at all hours.

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Reach our office in Guelph by calling 519-763-1812. We’ll be happy to provide you with answers to your questions, as well as a free estimate on needed services. If you find it more convenient, you can also visit our contact page to submit an online request.

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