Decks have many purposes but a lot of the time they aren’t planned or built very well and so remain underused. 

Our team listens to your needs and will design and build a deck where you can enjoy family time, romantic sunsets and everything in between.  Your deck should be an extension of your indoor space and therefore be functional as well as a place where you can just kick back and relax.



Have you ever though about what would happen if you hired an incompetent contractor, or even tried to build your deck yourself?

We hear this story quite a lot and here is how it turns out. In addition to cost overruns, poor workmanship and missed deadlines, you probably have an unhappy spouse to answer to and a municipality that says your deck isn’t up to code. Oh, and then there’s the feeling of having been ripped off every time you enter your backyard, or frustration at the sight of your husband’s half-finished deck.

Poor workmanship on deck


Relax, laugh, share meals and soak in the summer on your new dream deck.

Our experts bring your backyard to life with custom designs, true craftsmanship and a full line of the most durable deck materials.


Pressure Treated Decks

Pressure Treated DeckAchieve a finished look and create the outdoor space you’ve been craving with a pressure treated deck, offering incredible value, style and swift installation. If it feels like you’ve been talking about doing a deck for months or even years, consider a pressure treated deck. Pressure treated decks are a little easier on your bank account but they still give you an outdoor living space where you can enjoy summer, increase the square footage of your home and achieve the finished look you’re after. Oh, and show off your new deck when you christen it with a party.

Treated pine decks offer:

Value. Pressure treated decks are one of the most economical options for decking material, saving you money on installation and annual maintenance.

Durability. By treating and sealing the air pockets, pine decks resist both insects and harsh Ontario winters.

Style. Our deck experts strive to create a deck design that complements every other aspect of your home and backyard.

Swift installation. With pressure treated decks, our team can be in and out of your backyard in no time!

Red Cedar Decks

Red Cedar DeckBask in the warmth, beauty and scent of a real wood deck. Cedar decks resist decay, insects and warping so you can enjoy your outdoor space for years to come.

Red cedar decks offer:

Sturdiness. Red cedar is one of the best deck materials in the wood category because its natural oils resist decay and insects. Plus, unlike other soft woods, red cedar keeps its straight, flat shape over time.

Style. Your premium red cedar deck is custom built to suit your home’s modern or traditional feel. In addition to gazing at the stars when you’re outside, take in the rich grains of your beautiful wood deck.

Versatility. With a variety of sizes and grades to choose from, we’ll design a red cedar deck that’s perfect for your backyard and your budget.

Trex Decks

Trex DeckTrex captures all the beauty of a wood deck, but it stands up to life, insects and even Ontario winters. It’s not just composite, it’s the best composite deck brand you can buy. The no rotting, fading, warping, splitting, splinters or termites best darn deck material out there. Trex.

Trex decks are amazing in so many ways, you’d think they were too good to be true.

You mean I’ll never have to stain it? Nope.

My feet will never get slivers? No ma’am.

Termites won’t rot out the floor boards? Never.

And it’s going to look brand new 20 years from now. That’s right. Over the last 20 years, Trex has become the world’s leading deck material, and one we love to use, because it captures all the beauty of wood, but it’s got the stand-up-to-life, insects and even Ontario weather qualities of plastic. It’s not just composite, it’s the best composite deck brand you can buy.